Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Tree Growth Regulators new?
A: No. Plant and tree growth regulators have been researched and used in the green industry since the late 1970’s.

Q: Will ArborLockTM 2SC affect the appearance of my tree?
A: Trees treated with Paclobutrazol will typically have a rich green color that can be attributed to an increase in chlorophyll concentration.

Q: Can I use the tree leaves as mulch or ground cover?
A: Yes. Leaves from treated trees can be used as mulch around trees or in gardens.

Q: Can ArborLockTM 2SC affect surrounding vegetation?
A: Yes, it is possible to affect the surrounding vegetation if the roots come in contact with the injected Paclobutrazol. The plant growth will be slowed with similar effects as on trees.

Q: Is ArborLockTM 2SC safe for people, pets and wildlife?
A: ArborLockTM 2SC has an EPA Caution label. The effects of ArborLockTM 2SC are highly specific to processes found in plants. There are no reported cases of adverse effects on people, pets, or wildlife. ArborLockTM 2SC, by law, must always be applied according to label instructions.

Q: What is the effect of ArborLockTM 2SC on groundwater?
A: Industry standards require laboratory and field studies of all technologies. Paclobutrazol is recognized as having Low Mobility in soil (which means minimal leaching potential).

Q: How long will ArborLockTM 2SC stay in the tree?
A: The effects form Paclobutrazol lasts from 2 to 8 years depending on species, rates, timing of application and pruning techniques.