About ArborLock TGR

The Science of ArborLockTM 2SC
Trees are sophisticated organisms with many complex and highly differentiated parts. Their growth and development is regulated by the activities of hormones that are unique to plants. While there are five primary plant hormones, one of them is most often associated with growth.

ArborLockTM 2SC applied near the base of a tree is transported within the xylem toward the growing tips where it reduces vegetative growth by inhibiting the formation of gibberellin. Known principally as a “growth hormone”, one of the main functions of gibberellin is to increase cell elongation. If less gibberellin is produced, less stem elongation occurs.

Applying ArborLockTM 2SC
ArborLockTM 2SC must be applied as a basal drench or by soil Injection. And applications can be made throughout the year, weather permitting, except when the soil is frozen or saturated with water. The dose rate is species specific and is determined by measuring trunk diameter and taking into consideration other factors including canopy and environmental conditions.

ArborLockTM 2SC must be applied by Certified Applicators based on individual state certification requirements. All Certified Applicators are trained in application protocol, dose rate and field safety. And, typically all applicators are skilled in local tree identification, notification process, and driving safety.